Harry - G Capsules

Being a Member of the harry Group Harry – G Capsules with Suvrna Bhasma are a Unique assimilation of every attainable power booster Herbs. i.e., 21 Powders and 6 Bhasmas namely, Ashwgandha Mool, Manjishtha Steam, Satvari Mool, Vidhara Steam, Jethimadh Mool, Bang Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Abrak Bhasma, Mandur Bhasma, Shukti Bhasma, Suvrna Bhasma, etc. It is Hugely Beneficial in total eradication of mental and physical stress, Remove Tiredness, Widely used for Vigor & Vitality as well as all round physical development and many more.

Ashwagandha Mool  110 mg.,  Manjishtha Steam  50 mg.,  Satvari Mool  40  mg.,  Vidhara Steam  40  mg.,  Jethimadh Mool  35  mg.,  Rassindur  30  mg.,  Safed Musli Mool  30  mg.,  Kavach Seeds  30  mg.,  Dalchini Leaf  25  mg.,  Suddha Shilajit  75  mg.,  Gokhru Seeds  20  mg.,  Talimkhana Seeds  20  mg.,  Sunth Rhizome  20  mg.,  Mari Fruit  20  mg.,  Pipper Fruit  20  mg.,  Amla Fruit  20  mg.,  Baheda Fruit  20  mg.,  Harde Fruit  20  mg.,  Safed Chandan Heartwood  10  mg.,  Makardhwaj Powder  10  mg.,  Muskdana Seeds  10  mg.,  Bang Bhasma  30  mg.,  Tamra Bhasma  05  mg.,  Abrak Bhasma  10  mg.,  Mandur Bhasma  20  mg.,  Shukti Bhasma  15  mg.,  Suvrna Bhasma  0.25  mg.  

For Adult : 1 Capsules Twice a Day with Milk or Water.

ü  “00” Size Mega Capsule with Attractive Golden Strip.

ü  Combination of Ancient 21 Powders & 6 Bhasmas

ü  Proven results for Healthy Growth, Vitality, Vigor, Stress and Increase in Body Strength.

ü  Processed in International R & D Formula.


30 Caps. with Box


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