Itchi Care Ointment

Itchi Care cream is a skin care product developed by PRM & COMPANY Which is useful for itching and skin rashes problem. This Ayurveda Cream made with precise valuable herb namely like Tankankhar, Sandal oil, Baniyan tree, Indian beriberi, rose water and many more. This Cream are very advantageous of skin related problem and fungal infections also that are 100% result oriented product.

Composition : Ext Derived From :

Tankan                                    02.00 % A.B.

Sandal Oil (Santalum Album) 00.05 % A.B.

Gulab Phool (Rosa Centifolia) 17.00 % A.B.

Banyan Tree                            03.00 % A.B.

Milk Powder                            02.00 % A.B.

Indian Berbery (Desi Baval)    03.00 % A.B.

Sarsaparilla                             03.00 % A.B.

Cream Base Q.S. To 100 %

Apply two to three times a day on affected area  

ü  Attractive Lamy Tube with 30 x 12gm Unit Outer Box Pack

ü  “Khujli Go”” formula

ü  Made with 7 Herbs like Tankan, Gulab Phool, Indian Beriberi, Sarsaparilla which

ü  is much useful for skin problems

ü  Economic MRP

ü  Proven Quality results

ü  Trusted By Millions


12 GM lamy pack with outer box


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