Lee Syrup

Lee Syrup is the distinctive combination of pristine herbs like Makoikand, Arjunchhal, Haritaki, Kalmegh, Vavding, Punarnava Mool, Bhuiamali, Rakta Rohidra, Pittpapdo and many more which make it the most acting and protecting syrup against several liver problems like Jaundice, Hepatitis, Liver Infection, Analgesic…

Each 5 ML Contains Ext. of :

Rakt Rohidra Root(Amoora Rohituka) 30 MG, Makoi Kand (Solanum Nigrum)  80 MG, Bhuiamali Root (Phullanthus Niruri) 100 MG, Guduchi Panchang (Tinospora Cordifolia) 120 MG, Arjuna Chhal (Terminalia Arjuna) 80 MG, Baldana Seeds (Sida Cordifolia) 25 MG, Punarnava Mool (Boerhaavia Diffusa) 60 MG, Kutki Chhal (Picorhizza Kurroa) 60 MG, Kariyatu Panchang (Swertia Chirryata) 25 MG, Pittpapdo Panchang (Fumaria Parviflora) 40 MG, Sarpankho Root (Tinospora Purpurea) 120 MG, Ativish Mool (Aconitum Heterphylium) 40 MG, Vavding Fruit (Embelica Ribes) 50 MG, Kalmegh Panchang (Andrographis Paniculata) 70 MG, Kasni Seeds (Cichorium Intybus) 30 MG, Kasmard Seeds (Cassia Occidentalis) 40 MG, Daruharidra Rhizome(Berberis Aristata) 60 MG, Lindipiper Fruit (Piper Longum) 40 MG, Haritaki Fruit (Terminalia Chebula)50 MG

Adult : 2 teaspoonful 2 or 3 times a day or As directed by the physician

Children : 1 teaspoonful 2 times a day or As directed by the physician

Ø  Palatable Orange Flavor Taste

Ø  Attractive pet bottle with outer box packing

Ø  No Side Effects

Ø  19 Ancient Ayurveda Contains that cure damaged liver

Ø  High Density Liquid and Tested under FDA Gujarat


200ML with Orange flavor


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precautions - as per physicians advice