Obeevilla oil

Obee-Villa Oil consists 12 selected and anti-obesity herbs like Ajma, Chitrak, Lasoon, Sarsav, Rasna, Erand and many more which make it a Potent obesity care and cure oil. It is useful for eradication of excess fat and acts as non habitual anti-obesity formulation.

Rasna Oil (Vanda Roxburghii) 005.0 % A.B,
Arni oil (Permna Intergrifolia) 005.0 % A.B.,
Ajwayan Oil (Carum Copticum) 005.0 % A.B.,
Kapoor Crystal (Cinnamomum Camphora) 004.0 % A.B.,
Chitrak oil (Plumbago Zeylenica) 004.0 % A.B.,
Nagarmoth Oil (Cyperus Scariousus) 004.0 % A.B.,
Lasan oil (Allium Sativum) 005.0 % A.B.,
Daruharidra Oil (berberis aristata) 004.0 % A.B.,
Vidang oil (Embelica Ribes) 004.0 % A.B.,
Arand Oil (Ricinus Communis) 005.0 % A.B.,
Nirgudi Oil (Vitex Nirgundo) 010.0 % A.B.,
Sarsav Oil (Bricica Campestris) 018.0 % A.B.,
Til Oil (Sisamum Indicum) 022.0 % A.B.

Massage with your fingers on affected Parts like hips & tummy from downside to up side

 ü  Free plus in double security cap inside every pet bottle.

         ü Aggravated with pure oil derived under GMP Raw Herb Suppliers.


50ml oil With outer box


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