Prolax Tablets

PRM & COMPANY Gives to Human Very Innovative Product of Prolax Tablets. Is precise formation of total 9 significant herbs like Harde, Shuddh Nepala, Sunth, Sanchal, Piprimool, Senna and many more. It has achieved significance for rapid cure of Gas, acute constipation and acidity. This tablets came into existence after taking several advices from highly-qualified norms which has resulted in significance of prolax tablets.

Harde (Terminalia Chebula) 64.8 mg.,Amla (Embelica Officinalis) 120.4 mg., Senna (Cassia Augustifolia) 84.6 mg., Shudh Nepala (Croton Tiglium) 35.8 mg., Revandchini (Rheum Emodi) 63.2 mg., Piplamool (Piper Longum) 41.6 mg., Vidang (Embelica Ribes) 30.4 mg., Sunth (Zingiber Officinalis) 20.6 mg., Sanchal (Unnakia Sodi. Cloride) 25.8 mg. Excipients q.s

1 to 2 Tablets to be taken at bed time with warm water or AS directed by the Physician (Not Recommended During Pregnancy Period) 

ü  Proven Results oriented formula

ü Made with incredible Ayurveda contains like Harde, Amla, Shu. Nepala


30 x 10 Tablets with outer box


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precautions - as per physicians advice