Cofula Syrup

We, PRM & Company manufacture Cofula Cough Formula. This herbal cough syrup gives instant relief from cough, cold and soar throat. This cough syrup is enriched with 20 ayurvedic herbs namely Adulsa, Ajmo, Nausadar, Kantkari, Baheda, Bhimsen Kapoor, Jethimadha, Gaujaban, Somlata etc. This syrup is available in 100 ml pack and at highly affordable price. It is recommended to take advice from your doctor before its consumption.

Each 5ML Contains Extract of :
Ardushi Leaves    (Adhatoda Vasica) 150 MG, Kanthakari Panchang (Solanum Xanthocarpum) 150 MG, Yeshtimadhu Root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) 20 MG, Ajvaan Seeds (Carum Copticum) 50 MG,Unnab Fruit (Zizyphus Vulgaris) 50 MG, Baheda Fruit (Terminalia Belerrica) 50 MG, Bhrungraj Panchang (Eclipta Alba) 20 MG, Pushkarmul (Lunar Recemosa)50 MG, Hansraj Mool (Adiantum Lunculatum) 50 MG, Javkhar (Horiedum Valgare) 50 MG, Navsadar Sudhha 50 MG, Asmantru 50 mg, Pipli Fruit (Piper Longum) 50 MG, Kakadsinghi Fruit (Pistacia Integirrima) 50 MG, Japha Phool (Hibiscus Rosainensis) 50 MG, Dalimkhana 50 MG, Bhimseni Kapoor (Hedychium Spicatum) 50 MG, Somlata Leaves (Sarkostol Brevistigma) 50MG, Talispatra Leaves (Taccus Bacata) 50 MG, Kulingan Mool (Alpinia Offcinarum) 50 MG

For Adult       :  2 Teaspoonful 3 times a Day   or As Directed by the Physician

For Children  :  1 Teaspoonful 3 times a Day   or As Directed by the Physician 

  ü  High Density Liquid

ü  100% Ayurvedic

ü  Trusted by millions

ü  Green Color pet bottle with unique outer box pack

ü  Made with incredible Ayurveda contains like Adulsa, Ajwaan Seeds, Baheda Fruit,  

ü  Bhimesn Kapoor, Hansraj Mool, Jethimadh with Total total 21 potent contains…


100 ML mint flavor With Outer Box


The above information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not use this information to self diagnose without consulting your doctor.


precautions - as per physicians advice