Cut Care Ointment

Enriched with Potent herbs - Raktpuraka, Jivanti, Daruharidra, Pashanbhed, Sarjaras and many more.Cut care Ointment is a paramount way to achieve healthy heels-feet.It is anti - inflammatory as well.

Daruharidra Rhizome (Berberis Aristata) 3.5 %, Jivanti Leaves (Leptadenia  Reticulata) 2.5 %,Pashanbhed Mool (Colius Aromatical) 2.5 %, Sarjaras – 5.0 % , Manjistha Steam  (Rubia Cordifolia) 1.5 %, Kampilak   0.25 %, Raktapuraka 4.5 %

Apply over the Affected area 2 or three times a day

->  Attractive Lamy Tube with hanging outer box pack

->  Trusted Herbal Care for cracked hills and chill blains

->  Made with 7 incredible Ayurveda contains like Dariharidra, Jivanti, Pashanbhed,

 Manjistha, Kampilak etc.

->  Economic MRP

-> Best margin


25 gm with Lammy Tube 


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