Pynil Ointment

Pynil Ointment is ideally composed of a formula assimilated with Nimbuchhal, Vacha, Haritaki, Kapoor, Aritha Bhasma, Pittpapdo, Bhringraj, Inderjav, Tankan and many more to provide diseased instant relief from burning sensation of piles and cure it. Care & cure procedure acheived by Pynil has raised eyebrows all over the Pharmaceutical & Ayurveda Market. This Ointment is available in highly affordable prices.

Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) 5.000 % A.B, Nirgudi Oil (Vitex Nirgundo) 3.000 % A.B., Nimbu Crystal (Citrus Acida) 1.000 % A.B, Vacha Mool (Acorus Calamus) 3.000 % A.B., Bhrungraj Panchang (Eclipta Alba) 2.000 % A.B., Inderjav Seeds (Holorrhena Antidysenteri)  1.000 % A.B., Pittpapdo Seeds (Fumaria Parviflora) 2.000 % A.B.Powder of -  Kapoor Crystal (Cinnamomum Camphora) 1.225 % A.B, Yashad Bhasma 1.000 % A.B, Tankan 1.000 % A.B., Aritha Bhasma 0.500 % A.B., Sphtik Bhasma 0.500 % A.B.

Apply 2 or 3 times a day on affected area or as directed by the physician 

->  Attractive Lamy Tube with hanging outer box pack

->  Trusted Herbal Care for Piles

->  Proven result oriented quality

  -> Made with ancient Ayurveda contains Haritaki,  Nirgudi, Vacha, Inderjav Aritha BHasma, Yashad Bhasma etc…


30 gm lammy tube with applicator 


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